As the new year settles in, we take a look back at 2017 to see what happen in construction last year. Some of these numbers depict the growth of the industry while others are just interesting advances made through technology. We’ll start with the small numbers and work our way up to the big ones.

3 Months

That’s how long a company in the Netherlands took to 3-D print a 26-foot concrete bridge. This modern marvel is made up of 800 layers of reinforced concrete material.

500 Tons 

The Atlanta Falcons unveiled the new Mercedes-Benz stadium in 2017, which costs more than a billion dollars to build. Regarded as a new standard for engineering and construction, this innovative stadium uses giant roof petals, that weigh 500 tons each, to open and close the stadium’s roof.

237,000 Jobs

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, July saw the biggest jump in construction job openings at 237,000 available construction jobs. The skills gap is expected to continue in 2018. 

$5 Billion

Is the estimated price tag for Amazon’s highly sought after HQ2. The tech giant received more than 200 proposals from cities around the nation bidding to be the second home of Amazon. The winner will be announced sometime this year; fingers crossed for Tulsa!

$200 Billion 

It’s hard to put a number on the devastation hurricanes like Harvey and Irma can cause, but $200 billion is the best estimation. This number represents the cumulative damage from all affected areas ranging from Texas to Florida.