There are many factors to consider when taking on a tenant improvement project. However, there are three factors that seem to have grown in popularity in recent years. The rise of these factors was caused by a number of influences, and, as always, Cowen Construction has been working hard to keep up with the trends and meet our clients’ needs. 

Promoting Culture with Construction 

An office space is no longer just a set of walls, a conference room, and some cubicles. It’s a reflection of the company culture that management is working to pursue. From encouraging collaboration with flexible meeting spaces to promoting a healthy lifestyle with an onsite gym, companies want their employees to work in environments that constantly reminds them of the company’s core beliefs.

Environmental Responsibility

Ensuring the buildout is done in an environmentally friendly manner and setting up the company to operate with energy efficiency isn’t necessarily a new demand, but it is showing up more and more. By using the right materials and installing the right systems, tenants can lower their environmental impact and save a fair amount of money on utility bills.  Buildings don’t even have to be LEED certified (although it never hurts) to be environmentally responsible, it just takes some extra consideration.  

Incorporating Technology 

Technology is changing how we do business, now more than ever. So, it only makes sense to plan for the integration of technology when going through a tenant improvement construction project. Smart lighting fixtures, security systems, digital displays, video conferencing, and seamless integration of every device are all options that can be used to create a high-tech workspace.

If you’re in need of tenant improvement construction, call Cowen Construction today. Our team can help you build the space your company has always wanted, while staying on budget and keeping timelines in check.