Keeping a commercial construction project on track and finishing it on schedule isn’t as easy as you might think. If you’re not careful, the completion date will keep getting pushed back farther and farther away. With more than 100 years of commercial construction experience under our tool belt, we have identified three key factors that will keep a project on track. 

Plan Everything

Someone once said, “failing to plan is planning to fail.” That’s true in life and it’s certainly true in construction. When working in commercial construction, the less planning you do the more likely your project is to get off schedule. The best way to plan everything is by getting everyone involved. This should include the general contractor, architects, engineers, and designers to ensure all parties stay on the same page.

 Communicate Constantly

A plan isn’t much good if no one talks about it. No matter how much work you put into your plan, changes are bound to happen. When a change is needed, all parties need to be quick to talk it out and let everyone else know what’s happening. Keeping everyone in the loop is a vital step toward efficiency.


There’s no teacher quite like experience. At Cowen Construction, we’ve been helping clients keep projects on schedule for more than 100 years. Over that time, we have worked hard to create processes and strategies that put customer needs first and ensure a prompt and on time completion. If you’re in need of an experienced commercial contractor, call Cowen Construction today.