There are a lot of decisions to make when embarking on a new construction project. Budget, timeline, design, contractors, and don’t forget materials. The last one on the list can be a hard decision to make for multiple reasons, and will have a cascading effect on decisions that need to be made. One option more and more business owners are choosing is to use green construction materials. There are lots of benefits to this choice, especially if you’re a developer trying to attract new tenants, but here are our top three.

Energy Savings

Possibly the biggest reason to use green materials is the money you’ll save on energy and utility bills for years to come. These materials are engineered to operate at peak efficiency and require less energy to keep your building maintained, repaired, and functional. Less electricity to light the space, less energy to heat and cool, and less water used in the restrooms are all ways you can save by using green materials.

Finding New Tenants

If you’re in the business of building commercial property to sell or rent out, green construction materials can be your ticket to a full house. Letting potential tenants know your building was built with eco-friendly materials and can perform at a high level of efficiency can be a huge selling point. These materials help showcase that you have high-quality space, built to the highest standards. 

Increased Employee Performance

Sick employees have a hard time getting work done. Thankfully, green construction materials can improve air quality in offices, which can lead to healthier and more productive employees. This can also help employees save their sick days and be at work more. 

Green construction materials are a great way to save money, attract new tenants, and keep employees healthy. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can use materials like these in your next construction project, call Cowen Construction.