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Building a restaurant is a very unique field of commercial construction. There are many variables to consider that many other projects don’t necessarily require. In this piece, we’re going to take a look at just three of those factors to consider before choosing a commercial construction company to engage in restaurant construction.

1. The Reverse Mullet: Party In The Front, Business in the Back

If you’re familiar with famed Oklahoma State University football coach Mike Gundy, you may be familiar with his signature “mullet” hairstyle — a tight, business-like cut in the front with a longer, free-natured back. The construction of a restaurant is much like this hairstyle, only in reverse. Where the front of a restaurant has to accommodate a relaxed, accommodating area for customers, the back kitchen layout is strictly business. When searching for a commercial construction company to build your restaurant, look to those with a track record of being able to build spaces that are conducive to leisure for customers as well as to professional commercial kitchen spaces.  

2. Built With Future Inspections In Mind

Few other businesses require the number of close inspections like restaurants and those in the food-service industry. The combined requirements for customer-safe areas as well as kitchen staff using dangerous and energy-hungry appliances make commercial restaurant construction uniquely challenging. Utility lines and connections must be of the highest caliber. Safety standards can make or break a restaurant building. It’s important to remember the potential for fine-toothed inspections before proceeding with any restaurant construction project.

3. Restaurant Location Considerations

The location of a restaurant can determine its success as well as that location’s ability to accommodate a busy restaurant. Attempting to retrofit an existing commercial space to accommodate a restaurant where one didn’t exist before can be extremely challenging. The challenges listed above will apply as well as such questions about the building’s expandability, the removal or relocation of load-bearing walls, and any removal of existing commercial branding from any past businesses that occupied the space. When contemplating moving a restaurant into an existing space, even if a restaurant existed in the space previously, consulting commercial construction experts with experience in doing so can the difference between a successful future or an abrupt false-start.

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