Many of us would love to completely remodel our kitchen space. From worn out components to dated styling, it’s easy for this frequently used space to become an eyesore. Before you wipe our your savings along with your cabinets with a sledgehammer, there are some DIY makeover methods to breathe new life into your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Firstly, decide what needs to change about your kitchen.

No matter how inexpensive, makeovers require time and resources that should be managed. Before you start removing cabinet doors and buying items at the hardware store, take a step back and decide what about your current kitchen annoys you the most. Does the backsplash look dingy? Does the color of the cabinets actually make you lose your appetite? Make a prioritized list of things you’d like to change about your kitchen. If one detail is only somewhat annoying, but you can live with it, a more pressing update may make you forget all about it.

1. Clean your kitchen like you’re selling it.

We’re not saying that the only thing wrong with your kitchen is that it’s dirty. All we’re saying is that before any renovations can occur, your kitchen will require a deep cleaning anyways. Maybe all your backsplash needed was some elbow grease to bring out its past shine. Maybe your floor just needed to have some stains mopped away for you to remember why you liked them. This deep cleaning will also help problem areas jump out even more so you can better prioritize your list of updates.

2. Do you hate the cabinets or just the cabinet doors?

Many of us think we dislike our kitchen cabinets, but it’s actually the doors that are the real issue. The kitchen cabinet doors are what take up the most visual real estate in the kitchen, but are also the easiest to change out. Whether you just want to update the handles and hardware, strip, paint, refinish, or completely replace, most kitchen cabinet doors removals and reinstallations can be done by anyone with knowledge of how a screwdriver works. Most kitchen cabinet DIY makeover techniques are fairly simple and inexpensive.

3. Updating your backsplash may be easier (and cheaper) than you think.

Your kitchen backsplash has probably seen better days. The good news is that, along with your kitchen cabinet doors, your kitchen cabinet backsplash is probably the second most visible part of your kitchen — second only to your cabinet doors. The reason why this is good news is because there are a variety of products on the market these days that make changing out a backsplash fairly easy and affordable. From a peel-and-stick faux tile with self-adhesive backing to easy-to-install bead boarding, you have plenty of cheap and easy DIY kitchen backsplash options.

4. Shed light on a new design with updated lighting.

Nothing dates a space in your home faster than older lighting styles. How your kitchen is lit may also be the reason why you don’t like the look of your kitchen. Not only can updating the lighting literally shed new light on an existing space but can modernize the space altogether. The good news is that there are many lighting updating options that are fairly inexpensive and don’t require the knowledge of an electrician to install. Just basic tools, the instructions in the box, and a knowledge of where your home’s breaker box may be all you need to update your kitchen’s lighting look. As a bonus, while you’re installing new lights, consider switching to LED bulbs. Not only are LED lights incredibly efficient, but you’ll rarely have to change them out.

If your kitchen is beyond the help of a morning trip to the hardware store and an afternoon of DIY fixes, your friends at Cowen Construction may be able to lend a hand. From home construction to massive commercial builds, we’re here to help.