New builds, whether they are commercial structures or residential houses, can be very stressful for those looking to expand their business or put down roots. In order to reduce the stress and increase the ease of communication on projects, there is a service style that combines vision with the action — a process called design-build delivery. In this piece, we’re going to look at some of the advantages of design-build delivery over the alternative.

1. One Point-of-Contact

The main advantage of a design-build delivery system is having a single point of contact for the client. In the more traditional model, a client would hire an architect to design their project and then a contractor to make the design a reality. This meant speaking to several different people — some of whom may have never worked with one another before. Having to juggle these keys to a successful building project is much like being expected to keep tabs on the waiter as well as the chef in order to eat dinner. Design-build delivery services eliminate the need to keep track of key players.

2. Shared Vision in Design-Build Construction

Using the design-build delivery system, the designer and contractor lean on each other more in order to complete building projects. Typically being employed by the same construction company, their success criteria shifts. Typically, an independent designer could call it a day if they designed something that the client liked. Likewise, a contractor could feel satisfied if they kept their project on a budget. Design-build delivery combines the success criteria of these two entities, making it the successful completion of a construction project to the client’s liking.

3. Familiarity With One Another

When differing personalities work together any project, some problems can occur. This is especially true if two specialists don’t understand each other. They may not understand or like their working style, sense of humor, or demeanor. In a design-build delivery process, there’s almost a guaranteed chance that the designer and contractor have worked together before. They will be familiar with each other’s priorities, working styles, and even personality quirks. This familiarity will mean fewer, if any, bumps on the road to success.

4. An Ease of Client Input…If So Desired

If we’re building something that represents our company’s brand and may outlast us, we want our input in the building process taken seriously. Trying to communicate an idea or concern to a designer as well as a contractor in a way both can understand can be frustrating. The nature of a design-build construction process means that client input is not only more easily received, but inherently more actionable. 

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