No one ever said commercial construction was cheap. This hefty undertaking requires a significant capital investment, but there a few ways to save some money. It’s worth noting from the onset that we never suggest cutting corners to save money because this almost always results in spending more money down the road. These cost-saving measures are more about being smart with your money, not skimping on necessities.

Invest in Architects 

Hiring a discount architect can result in design changes and corrections after breaking ground that can cost far more than hiring a good architect in the first place would have. Conversely, bucking up for a good architect can help eliminate mistakes and help you get a well-designed building that meets all your needs.   

Needs Over Wants

Speaking of meeting your needs, it’s important to know your needs from your wants. You might think you need a modern art piece for every lighting fixture, but that’s probably more of a want than a need. When you meet with your contractor, give them your lists of wants and needs and they can help you piece together a plan to get as many wants as possible within your budget. 

Reuse Materials 

When you’re doing a renovation project, try to reuse as many of the materials as possible. This will save you a significant amount of money, because your materials bill will be one of the biggest expenses of the project. Not all materials can, or should, be reused, so it’s best to check with your contractor to get a game plan together. 

Helping find ways to cut costs is just one way we help our clients build better. If you need help with a commercial construction project, call Cowen Construction.