The idea of green construction is nothing new. What used to be new and innovative, is now becoming increasingly standard. This is largely thanks to increasing demand from consumers and recent breakthroughs that make green construction much more economically feasible. The rise of green construction methods not only offers a lower environmental impact, it is also increasing the overall quality and efficiency of buildings.

All these factors are making green construction methods more standard throughout the construction industry. A few examples of these methods are:

  1. Product Selection- Going with products like LED lights might come with a higher upfront cost, but the long-term savings make the investment well worth it. In fact, existing buildings are spending thousands of dollars to retrofit with LED lights because they know the ROI is so good.
  2. Local Sourcing- Buying from local suppliers will not only reduce the environmental impact of transporting the products across the country, it also lowers the shipping costs. Some products won’t always be available locally, but when they are buying local is a win-win.
  3. Site Recycling- When it comes to green construction, one of the biggest areas of improvement in recent years is recycling methods. Today, it’s much easier to recycle used construction materials than it once was. Some cities and municipalities have even started to create legislation requiring certain levels of construction recycling.
  4. Pollution Prevention- Construction can be a messy business, but there are lots of little steps contractors can take to reduce the pollution caused by construction. Silt fencing to prevent erosion is a pretty standard practice, as is using water to knock dust caused by cutting brick and concrete out of the air. 

As more and more green construction methods become standard practice, Cowen Construction will continue to be a leader in the construction industry by adopting innovation techniques. For more than 100 years, we’ve provided exemplary service to our clients by using industry leading practices.