Amanda Bennett- Warranty Manager 

Jeff Burdick- Superintendent 

David Carder- CFO

Jessica Clay – Field Office Administrator

John Cowen- President

Link Cowen- Vice President

Jon Cupp – Construction Manager

Steve Easley  – Business Development

Walter Edge- Estimating

Hayden Elmore- Project Coordinator

Jeff Ennis- Superintendent

Florian Forster – Construction Manager

Bridget Goodacre- Project Manager

Matt Gwartney- Superintendent

Alex Hall – Project Coordinator

Phil Hamburger- PM/Superintendent 

Danny Hancock- Project Manager

Trevor Hayes – Senior Project Manager

James Herring-Superintendent

Ryan Hoselton- Estimating

Parker Hull- Project Manager

Bob Krewett  – Director of Safety

Becky Manasco- Contract Administrator

John McCrackin- Project Manager

Brian Morrill- Superintendent

Travis Munch- Superintendent 

Ross Phippen- Project Manager

Isaiahs Rincon – Framing Supervisor

Rory Simmons – Project Superintendent

James Tarbutton- Superintendent 

David Thacker  – Controller

Pam Thompson  – Accounts Payable

Lee Timmons- Director of Human Resources

Brenna Traster- Front Desk Administrator 

Mike Turner- Superintendent

Jared Woolever- Superintendent

Robert Wright- Project Manager

Wes Spencer- Preconstruction Manager

Carly Cowen – Project Coordinator

Mario Leonard – Construction Manager