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Bagged Cement Storage Protocol 101

For being such a prevalent building material on most commercial construction sites, cement is also one of the most temperamental construction substances. One miscalculated delivery time, broken-down cement truck, or moist warehouse can result in tens of thousands of dollars in spoiled materials. To keep cement ready to go, let’s run through some of the […]

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Reinforced Concrete Column Construction Explained

Two of the greatest innovations in modern commercial construction have been the development of steel and the invention of concrete. When used by themselves, they have considerable strengths, yet still have numerous weaknesses. Combined, they become the pillar (often quite literally) of much of commercial construction—reinforced concrete, also known as “RC.” In this piece, we’re […]

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How Pre-Construction Excavation Works

Before Building Up, You May Need to Dig
Around the beginning of a commercial construction project, any client is anxious to see their structure start to take shape. Before this can happen, several essential steps cannot be skipped. While many of these have to do with paperwork and land surveying, one step almost seems counter-intuitive—excavation. 
Why is […]

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Why is Land Surveying Important for Construction?

When it comes to measuring smaller objects, a standard ruler or tape measure may do the job just fine. However, what if you want to measure the distances of a plot of land as well as every slope, curve, and elevation? For this endeavor, land surveying is necessary. 
Big Measurements Scaled to Size
If you’ve ever wondered […]

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What’s the Difference Between Commercial & Residential Plumbing?

“It’s all pipes and water, right? How much different can it be?”
If you’ve never taken part in the process of commercial construction, you may be a bit surprised by how much commercial plumbing setups differ from residential plumbing. Though many of the same functions exist (toilets, sinks, washing machines, etc.), that may be where the […]

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What Does a Soil Engineer Do?

You’ve found the spot where you want to build your commercial building or factory. Congrats! It’s a beautiful piece of open land, far from any competitors or other harmful interference. It’s so beautiful and quiet….almost too quiet. You may wonder why the price of the land is so good, and yet no one else has […]

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Elevator Construction Basics Explained (+ Safety Facts)

To the onlooker, a modern elevator seems like some kind of magic. You step inside a metal box, select a number on the inside, and away you go to your floor destination. While these methods of vertical transportation seem technologically advanced, very little about the design of elevators has changed in the last 50 years. […]

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The Suprisingly Interesting Impact of Zoning Laws

If you’re like most people, the idea of learning about city laws and regulations makes your eyelids heavy. Though it may seem to be rather dry reading material, there are several surprisingly interesting benefits and consequences of zoning law that directly impact your life in several ways. 
What is zoning law? 
In summary, zoning regulations allow or […]

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How Could COVID-19 Change Commercial Building Design?

Many different factors contribute to the design of a commercial building and its construction. Though some are purely architectural, some design choices are based on the environment—including learning from past disasters. The first sprinkler systems started showing up in buildings following major fires in the 1800s. The events of 9-11 had an impact on the […]

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The Main Differences Between Residential & Commercial Construction

“Isn’t construction just construction, regardless of residential or commercial construction? What’s the big difference?”

As you investigate the construction industry in search of either a quality residential or commercial construction company, there are a few items you should probably understand about each side before getting started.
Residential Construction
The Informal, Yet Emotional Side of Construction
There’s a reason why […]

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