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When to Retrofit and When to Build

When business owners are faced with the prospect of building a new office, they generally have to options – build a new structure from the ground up or retrofit an existing space. Each has their own pros and cons business owners need to be aware of. Retrofitting is typically cheaper and faster, but starting from […]

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FEMA Rated Generator Enclosure

Last year a tornado hit the shops and buildings around 41st and Yale and caused some serious damage, some of which remains today. This area had never seen a storm quite like this before and it got our friends at BOK thinking. What would happen if another storm came through and hit their offices on […]

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Rules for Subcontractor Communication

 Over our 100 plus years in business, we’ve developed a terrific network of high-quality and dependable subcontractors. We have great relationships with these companies and we truly enjoy working with them. Establishing this network certainly taught us a lot of lessons, but one seems to stick out more than the others – communication is key.

Anytime […]

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Three Safe Bets to Increase Jobsite Safety

Keeping everyone safe is the top priority on any Cowen Construction jobsite. We know safe jobsites are in everyone’s best interest, which is why we do whatever we can to make our sites safe. Here are three steps anyone can take to make construction jobsites safer. 


One of the best ways to avoid accidents is having […]

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Building Better Health Care Facilities with Staff Feedback

When it comes to improving the efficiency of a health care facility, or any facility really, the best way to find the solutions you’re looking for is to ask the people on the front lines. A new study from Health Facilities Management shows the importance of getting feedback from staff before you start your next […]

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Cost Plus or GMP?

There are two basic options for construction pricing models – Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) and Cost Plus. These two options are very different in nature, so it’s important you understand how they each work as well as the pros and cons of each. 

Cost Plus

When a contractor uses cost plus, they are paid for all allowed […]

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How to Run a Good Safety Meeting

 Holding regular safety meetings is a proven way to keep crews focused on safety procedures and best practices, and thus reduce accidents. These meetings are part of the regular routine for any construction company worth their salt, but sometimes these meetings can become a little too routine. Experienced crews have probably sat through more safety […]

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3 Reasons to Use Green Construction Materials

There are a lot of decisions to make when embarking on a new construction project. Budget, timeline, design, contractors, and don’t forget materials. The last one on the list can be a hard decision to make for multiple reasons, and will have a cascading effect on decisions that need to be made. One option more […]

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Counting Construction in 2017

As the new year settles in, we take a look back at 2017 to see what happen in construction last year. Some of these numbers depict the growth of the industry while others are just interesting advances made through technology. We’ll start with the small numbers and work our way up to the big ones.

3 […]

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Green Construction Techniques Growing in Popularity

The term green construction refers to both a structure and the application of processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle. The movement has been around for a while and has been really increasing in popularity in recent years. While the environmental benefits aren’t to be overlooked, the long-term financial savings are […]

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