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Building a Better Community

To us, construction isn’t just building big buildings. It’s a chance to get involved in the growth and development of a city. One of the surest signs of a growing and thriving city is new construction projects. The inconvenient side effects of construction like closed roads and the occasional traffic jam might be all the […]

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Why Estimates Matter

When companies dream of expanding into a new facility or adding some square footage to their existing space, the budget isn’t always the first concern. Companies will eventually come up with some form of a budget of what they’re willing to spend, but knowing if this spending cap is enough to turn a dream into […]

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3 Phases of Commercial Construction Planning

They say failing to plan is planning to fail; this is true for most things, including construction. When the decision is made to embark on a commercial construction project, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed. To mitigate these feelings, we find it’s helpful to break the planning process up into three broad categories: preliminary, […]

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Panelized Construction Explained

Sometimes called panelization, panelized construction is the technique of using an off-site manufacturing facility to build walls, floors, and ceilings in a highly controlled environment. Once the modular sections are completed, they will be hauled to the construction site for installation. 

This method was first pioneered by the home building industry, but has since grown to […]

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Keys Skills for Construction Managers

Whether it’s a superintendent, general manager, foreman, or crew leader, there are a few key skills anyone who holds a leadership role in the construction industry will need to have to be effective in their position. As with any set of leadership skills, these skills will never be fully mastered but will need to be […]

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Questions to Ask Before Buying Unfinished Commercial Property

The commercial property industry can be volatile at times. Funding can fall through, the economy might have issues, or investors might pull out. Whatever the reason, construction projects can come to a stop, leaving an unfinished construction site for someone to buy and finish. These kinds of property are generally sold cheap to unload the […]

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How Local Governments Work with Construction Projects

Any new construction project, whether it’s a quick remodel or a new build, will need a plan to get it off the ground. Budgets, timelines, materials, and blueprints will all be parts of the plan, as will working with the local government. No matter how big or small the project is, you’ll most likely need […]

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The Importance of Industrial Ventilation

Industrial facilities are often used in places that produce toxic airborne particles, hazardous chemical fumes, dust, and other harmful vapors. To mitigate the effect of these floating dangers, proper industrial ventilation needs to be installed. Put simply, industrial ventilation gets rid of the bad air and replaces it with fresh air from outside.

Ventilation is a […]

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Building a Construction Timeline

Having the right expectations will make any project more manageable. When it comes to a new construction project, one expectation that needs to be set correctly is the timeline. Creating a proper timeline for construction will allow you to know what’s happening in each stage of the project and adjust for any unforeseen obstacles. Some […]

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Build, Remodel, or Expand?

When the needs of your company change or you outgrow your current space, you have three basic options: build, remodel, or expand. Each of the three has its own pros and cons you should consider before making your final decision. Choosing a new construction project can provide a blank canvas you can make your own, […]

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