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Refocusing Lean Construction

For the past decade every construction company has been hyper focused on one word, LEAN. It was sold as an end all be all solution for trimming waste and increasing profit margins. By implementing lean processes, companies can complete projects on time and under budget. While we certainly don’t dispute the benefits of lean construction, […]

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Building Office Spaces for Millennials

The Millennial generation has steadily been invading the workforce for some time now, and they currently make up around 36% of all US employees. Economists predict that by the end of 2020 that number will jump to 46%. Seeing that we’re only three years away from Millennials making up almost half of every office in […]

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Planning for a Church Renovation

When you’re considering expanding your church’s footprint or renovating your existing space it can seem daunting. There’s funds to raise, plans to make, and then you have to find a way to function while construction is happening. Not to mention all the alarming stories floating around about church renovations gone wrong.

At Cowen Construction, we’ve helped […]

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Using Signs to Keep Job Sites Safe


At Cowen Construction, keeping our employees safe is a top priority. Working in the construction industry comes with a fair amount of inherent risks, but our years of experience have taught us a few tricks to increase safety. One very simple way to have a very big impact on safety is the proper use of […]

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Incorporating New Technology into Construction

A “culture of innovation” is something you might associate with technology companies in Silicon Valley, but it’s also something prioritized by the top construction companies in the US. Technology used in construction is what allows some contractors to finish projects ahead of schedule or under budget without sacrificing quality. Technology also enables quality to be […]

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Cowen Construction Celebrates 120 Years

There have been plenty of changes around Oklahoma in the past 100 years. One constant, since 1896, more than a decade before Oklahoma officially became a state, is Cowen Construction. Since starting construction on the first school and church in Shawnee, where the company was originally headquartered, the name Cowen has been known throughout the […]

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Current Opportunities in Student Housing Construction

In the past, construction of multifamily apartments has been viewed and regarded as the superior option to student housing construction. However, new interest and funds are being poured into the student housing sector, which has turned it into the place to be for many industry insiders.

The reason so many are now finding value in student […]

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The Benefits of Effective Construction Management


Construction management is a vital addition to building projects, especially large scale projects that have more potential for problems that could significantly delay and cost money. A construction manager measures each design decision with careful analysis that calculates the impact that decision will make on the budget and schedule. Without one, you’re risking an unforeseen […]

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Changes in Healthcare Construction For 2015


After peaking in 2008, construction in the healthcare sector declined over the next four years. Finally, a slight rebound started in 2013 and continued growth is expected throughout 2015. Hospital construction projects aren’t expected to be large, billion-dollar endeavors, however. At Modern Healthcare, Andis Robeznieks explains the outlook for healthcare related construction in 2015 and […]

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Avenida Senior Living – 140 units

Cowen Construction broke ground for Avenida Senior Living!  A new 140-Unit Independent Senior Living Facility in Tulsa at 7045 South 99th East Avenue. Time-lapse Video of Tapestry Senior Living
(Click on photo to see video)

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