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Senior Community Renovation Construction Tactics

At Cowen Construction, we have a vast amount of experience in working with senior living community owners. When it comes time to renovate these communities, the goal should always be to minimize inconvenience to existing tenants and account for future needs. There are a few considerations that need to be accounted for to ensure a […]

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Professional Development Program Inaugural Meeting

In an effort to support our employees and give them every tool they need to succeed, Cowen Construction is proud to announce the creation of our Professional Development Program (PDP). We believe employee development is vital to the success of our company, and this program is just one way we’re striving to challenge and grow […]

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The Importance of Safety Audits

 Safety is one of the most important topics in construction. One great way to keep safety at the forefront of everyone’s mind is to conduct regular safety audits. These audits are an opportunity to take a step back and see how the safety program is being implemented from start to finish. Although some may see […]

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Think Before You Remodel Your Office

Deciding to remodel your office is a big, and exciting, step to take. The prospect of getting a new shiny office space to spend 40 hours a week in is enough to put some pep in anyone’s step. While we love it when other people get excited about commercial construction as we do, there are […]

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Three Important Factors for Multi-Family Construction

Creating the perfect multi-family complex isn’t easy. With so many options to choose from and the large scale of the project, it’s important to have years of experience building successful multi-family complexes. At Cowen Construction, our multi-family living portfolio speaks for itself. Over the years and through multiple projects, we have identified three important factors […]

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Cowen In the News!

We’re proud of all the projects we do here at Cowen Construction, and it’s nice when others take notice too. Recently, our Tiffany Apartment project was the subject of a News 9 report in Oklahoma City.

The report details the historical importance of the project, citing the original construction in 1967. It goes on to talk […]

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3 Growing Concerns in a Tenant Improvement Project

There are many factors to consider when taking on a tenant improvement project. However, there are three factors that seem to have grown in popularity in recent years. The rise of these factors was caused by a number of influences, and, as always, Cowen Construction has been working hard to keep up with the trends […]

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How an Office Redesign Can Reinforce Your Corporate Culture

Company culture is a hot buzzword right now. It seems like you can’t attend a corporate conference or scroll through an industry periodical without coming across this trendy alliteration. All signs point to the importance of intentionally promoting company culture and an office redesign is a great way to do just that.

Here are three ways […]

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3 Keys to Keeping Construction Projects on Track

Keeping a commercial construction project on track and finishing it on schedule isn’t as easy as you might think. If you’re not careful, the completion date will keep getting pushed back farther and farther away. With more than 100 years of commercial construction experience under our tool belt, we have identified three key factors that […]

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Village on Main Project Update

Cowen Construction was awarded the contract for Village on Main back in November of 2017 and we’ve made some nice progress on it since then. Check out this recent drone footage we received from the job site. 

Village on Main is the newest addition to Jenks. As a multimillion dollar mixed-use lifestyle development, it offers distinctive restaurants, lush streetscapes, […]

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