Iconic Buildings of Tulsa: CityPlex Towers

Stunning structures with quite the story. 

Many believe that there are no more skyscrapers in Tulsa, OK, south of about 71st Street. Those people would be wrong. Emerging from seemingly out of nowhere are three monumental buildings whose gold-like-brass reflects sunlight for miles in every direction. And the story behind these mysterious towers is as fascinating […]

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Iconic Buildings of Tulsa: BOK Tower/One Williams Center

A taste of the Big Apple in T-Town

Dominating the Tulsa, OK skyline is its tallest structure, the BOK Tower. The building was originally called One Williams Center, as it was built for the Williams Companies. Fans of large buildings will immediately see the tower’s resemblance to the former World Trade Towers in New York City—a […]

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Iconic Buildings of Tulsa: University Club Tower

A first not only for Tulsa, OK, but for the world. 

Even if you’re not a Tulsa native, if you’ve ever seen any depiction of the Tulsa, Oklahoma skyline, there is one building that is typically included, though it is not located Downtown. Positioned just outside of Downtown, a few blocks from the Arkansas River, is […]

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What Do Commercial Construction Lenders Want to Know?

What they want to know before you’re given the dough to grow.

If you’re like most commercial industries looking to renovate your existing structures or build a new location, you’ll likely need a commercial construction loan. These loans are typically offered by established banks or specialized lenders. Before they shell out the funds needed to break […]

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How Could Covid-19 Impact New Hotel Construction?

Covid-19 has completely changed many of our lives. Could it also impact the design of hotels going forward? 

One industry hit hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic has been that of hotels and accommodations. As traveling safely has become trickier, the influx of visitors to new cities has trickled down to a near stand-still. To foster confidence […]

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The Role of Drones in Commercial Construction

“It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s drone inspecting the roof on your building.” 

Whereas they were once a novelty, aerial drones have become as commonplace as remote control cars. Still, aside from giving weekend warriors the semblance of flight without hours of private instruction, their ability to provide new perspectives only once achieved via human-crewed aircraft […]

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Is Commercial Construction Considered Critical Infrastructure? (COVID-19)

“I’m concerned that if I elect to pull the trigger on a new commercial construction initiative, it will be shut down if COVID-19 lockdown continues. Will my projects be shut down?” 
Essential Workers Defined
Currently, COVID-19 has led to closed restaurants, retail stores, and office buildings worldwide. Once bustling hubs stand empty as employees have been sent […]

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Using a Commercial Construction Company…for Renovations?

“It’s not construction—it’s a renovation. Why should I hire a construction company?”

Whether you own a commercial location for your organization or you’re the landlord, keeping your facility updated is your best interest. Though this is the case, many see obtaining renovations as projects they can manage themselves and may not even consider consulting a commercial […]

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Bagged Cement Storage Protocol 101

For being such a prevalent building material on most commercial construction sites, cement is also one of the most temperamental construction substances. One miscalculated delivery time, broken-down cement truck, or moist warehouse can result in tens of thousands of dollars in spoiled materials. To keep cement ready to go, let’s run through some of the […]

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Reinforced Concrete Column Construction Explained

Two of the greatest innovations in modern commercial construction have been the development of steel and the invention of concrete. When used by themselves, they have considerable strengths, yet still have numerous weaknesses. Combined, they become the pillar (often quite literally) of much of commercial construction—reinforced concrete, also known as “RC.” In this piece, we’re […]

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