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Staying Safe in the Summer

We haven’t broken triple digits in Tulsa yet, but the summer heat has already started to show itself. Safety being a top priority at Cowen Construction, we want to make sure our crews stay safe when the temperature gets turned up. Working in hot weather can increase the chances of heat stress and fatigue, which […]

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Estimating Tenant Improvements

Over our 100+ years in business, we’ve worked on countless tenant improvement projects. That experience has taught us that starting with an accurate estimate is critical to a successful project. Even simple buildouts can go south if the original estimate isn’t done with proper consideration.

Building the Estimate  

The first step in building the tenant improvement estimate […]

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Get the Most Out of Retail Construction

With more and more shopping happening online, retailers need to put some serious thought into their physical storefronts. When a customer walks in, they need to be captivated by the space and have a positive shopping experience. The construction of a retail space plays a big role in the sales performance of a retail space. […]

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3 Keys to Operational Excellence

A growing trend in the construction industry over the past years is the idea of efficiency. Everyone is trying to find ways to get the job faster and with fewer resources, while maintaining high safety levels. This pursuit is well-merited and we’re all for it. If there’s a better way to complete a project we […]

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Managing Driving Distractions

While technological advances have made life easier in a lot of ways, they also brought about a few unintended consequences. One of the biggest consequences is the endless distractions we’re all surrounded with. These distractions can make it hard to focus on the task at hand, which can have dangerous effects. In the construction industry, […]

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Pull Planning Done Right

A growing trend in construction management, pull planning is a technique that helps project managers, subcontractors, and other pertinent parties visualize and adjust the schedule of events as needed. Writing project milestones on sticky notes and attaching those notes to a large board broken into one week segments helps the team determine what needs to […]

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3 Tips for Commercial Tenant Build Out

Tenant build out refers to the custom interior finishes a landlord or tenant makes to an office, retail, or warehouse space. The amount of build out to be completed, also called the tenant allowance, is typically negotiated up front between the landlord and tenant as part of the overall commercial lease agreement. Building out a […]

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When to Retrofit and When to Build

When business owners are faced with the prospect of building a new office, they generally have to options – build a new structure from the ground up or retrofit an existing space. Each has their own pros and cons business owners need to be aware of. Retrofitting is typically cheaper and faster, but starting from […]

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FEMA Rated Generator Enclosure

Last year a tornado hit the shops and buildings around 41st and Yale and caused some serious damage, some of which remains today. This area had never seen a storm quite like this before and it got our friends at BOK thinking. What would happen if another storm came through and hit their offices on […]

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Rules for Subcontractor Communication

 Over our 100 plus years in business, we’ve developed a terrific network of high-quality and dependable subcontractors. We have great relationships with these companies and we truly enjoy working with them. Establishing this network certainly taught us a lot of lessons, but one seems to stick out more than the others – communication is key.

Anytime […]

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