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Cowen Construction Receives Two Build Oklahoma Awards

We’re very excited to announce that Cowen Construction has received not one, but two “Best of the Best” Build Oklahoma Awards. These awards are presented by the Associated General Contractors of Oklahoma for the best commercial-industrial building projects. Several nominations were considered by an independent panel of judges. Some of the factors the judges took […]

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5 Details To Remember During Church Construction

Your church or religious congregation is quickly expanding and growing out of your current space. While this is an exciting time, church construction projects can be stressful for all of those involved…but they don’t have to be. Unless you have experience in church construction from within the congregation, you’re likely to overlook a few details. […]

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Bank Construction: Vault First, Everything Else Later

One of the most fascinating aspects of bank construction is bank vaults. The sight of a bank vault is a daunting one for most people. While most of us will only see the bank vault door, that massive disc of thick, shiny steel with an array of knobs and levers is the embodiment of security. […]

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Ground Broken On Tulsa Pearl District Apartments

On the first of March 2019, ground was broken on a new development of upscale apartments in Tulsa’s Pearl District. The development of apartments known as the Village Flats, will be located at 703 South Owasso Ave near Centennial Park. The complex will feature all-new studio, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartments. The Village Flats […]

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4 Perks of Design-Build Delivery in Construction

New builds, whether they are commercial structures or residential houses, can be very stressful for those looking to expand their business or put down roots. In order to reduce the stress and increase the ease of communication on projects, there is a service style that combines vision with the action — a process called design-build […]

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Construction Oddities: Concrete Ships

You’ve probably heard of the expression, “That will go over like a lead balloon.” Even though the rock band Led Zeppelin flipped the saying on its head, the expression is typically used to describe something that is destined for failure. Well, have you heard the one about the concrete canoe? That could be because, for […]

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A Brief History of the Hard Hat

Next to warning signs and barricades, the sight of a crew wearing hard hats is probably the most visible indicator of a construction zone. The use and design of the modern hard hat have changed over the years, but one thing has remained the same — a dedication to safety on the work site. In […]

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4 Cheap Ways To Give Your Kitchen a Makeover

Many of us would love to completely remodel our kitchen space. From worn out components to dated styling, it’s easy for this frequently used space to become an eyesore. Before you wipe our your savings along with your cabinets with a sledgehammer, there are some DIY makeover methods to breathe new life into your kitchen […]

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Simple Construction Improving Lives Around The World

How many of us can say that $150 at a construction supply store could change our lives forever? For those living in third-world conditions all over the world, one specific $150 product is completely changing lives potentially for generations to come.
The Societal Cost of Dirt Floors
Imagine never being able to escape an overall feeling of […]

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Environmental Innovations In The Construction Industry

No matter one’s political stance concerning the environment, most everyone is in agreement that people should be doing more to protect the environment. Environmental precautions extend into the construction industry as well. The construction process uses a lot of energy and creates a lot of waste, making it very necessary for the entire industry to […]

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