To us, construction isn’t just building big buildings. It’s a chance to get involved in the growth and development of a city. One of the surest signs of a growing and thriving city is new construction projects. The inconvenient side effects of construction like closed roads and the occasional traffic jam might be all the outside world sees, but we see an engine driving progress. At Cowen Construction, we’ve been helping cities and towns build better communities for more than 100 years with new businesses, schools, and community centers.


As businesses grow, they will hire more employees who will pay local taxes and patronize other local businesses. All these factors point to a community growth spurt and an improved local economy, but construction is necessary to accommodate all these new employees. Anytime we help a business expand their current building or build an entirely new one, we want to do so for the good of the community by working with local governments to ensure the project is in line with community goals and standards.


A community wouldn’t get very far without schools. Whether it’s an elementary school, community college, or vocational school, education centers are the starting point that gives us the tools we need to advance our society. We’re honored to have had the opportunity to build schools of all kind through the years. It’s a great privilege to be a part of promoting education by creating spaces kids, and even adults can learn and gain needed skills. 

Community Centers

Centers that allow people to explore different interests and enjoy the people around them are vital to the fabric of a vibrant community. Projects like the Girl Scouts Camp Tallchief renovation are a great example of how Cowen Construction is invested in community development.

Construction is not only a sign a community is moving in the right direction, it’s also good for a community by itself because it provides good jobs for those who live in the community. We’re dedicated to building better communities with every project we undertake at Cowen Construction.