Building Office Spaces for Millennials

The Millennial generation has steadily been invading the workforce for some time now, and they currently make up around 36% of all US employees. Economists predict that by the end of 2020 that number will jump to 46%. Seeing that we’re only three years away from Millennials making up almost half of every office in America, now is the time for companies to consider how they can build office spaces that will attract top talent from this young generation.

What Do Millennials Want?

The fluorescent lit row of cubicles simply won’t do for millennials. Open space, high ceilings, and, most importantly, adaptability are all aspects Millennials love to see when they come to work. The space needs to encourage group meetings and collaboration. Amenities like coffee bars and snack stations are also in high demand. All these features help to promote a happy and stress-free work environment.

Millennials also seem to be keen on exposed building elements like structural and mechanical systems.  When paired with plenty of natural lighting, this raw motif is sure to please any Millennial.

Furniture is another consideration to think about with Millennials. Since you’ve built a nice open concept office, you’ll need furniture that is highly adaptable and easy to move. This allows you to change the function of a room daily or even hourly if need be.

The Shift

This new open office philosophy is a big departure from the standard pro-privacy model Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers are familiar with. If previously mentioned predictions hold, this could make appeasing both sides tricky for management. The solution is to create an ideal mix of private offices and open co-working spaces. This will involve taking a good look at your company culture and the desires of employees to find the perfect mix.

Although many Millennials might aspire to work in a Google or Facebook style office, most realize that won’t happen. However, if you can give them just a small taste of their dream office you can have a recruiting and turnover edge.

At Cowen Construction, we understand that the needs and wants of office employees will always change with each generation and even each year. Our goal is to lead the way in construction innovation and deliver a product that empowers our clients to operate and work in an environment that best suits their needs.