How Could COVID-19 Change Commercial Building Design?

Many different factors contribute to the design of a commercial building and its construction. Though some are purely architectural, some design choices are based on the environment—including learning from past disasters. The first sprinkler systems started showing up in buildings following major fires in the 1800s. The events of 9-11 had an impact on the […]

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The Main Differences Between Residential & Commercial Construction

“Isn’t construction just construction, regardless of residential or commercial construction? What’s the big difference?”

As you investigate the construction industry in search of either a quality residential or commercial construction company, there are a few items you should probably understand about each side before getting started.
Residential Construction
The Informal, Yet Emotional Side of Construction
There’s a reason why […]

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How COVID-19 Has Impacted the Construction Industry

There’s likely not an industry left untouched by the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. From the restaurant industry to retail shops, transportation, and tourism to supply chains and beyond, few industries have come out unscathed. The construction industry is certainly no exception. Let’s take a look at the ways the construction industry has been […]

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Recommendations for Construction Workers During the COVID-19 Outbreak

The recent COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly impacted the construction industry, though many projects have been able to progress fairly smoothly. The only way this is possible, however, is with heightened precautions recommended by OSHA and other regulatory bodies. Here are some suggested ways construction worker personnel can best prevent the spread of COVID-19 while […]

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A Basic Introduction to Construction Blueprints

(4-min read)

For the unfamiliar, a commercial construction blueprint may feel quite alien and even disorienting. Fairly basic knowledge of the various aspects of a blueprint can help a business owner or investor understand precisely what they’re seeing. In this piece, we’re going to provide a quick overview of the main components of a commercial construction […]

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The Role of Telehandlers on a Commercial Construction Site

(3-min read)

Have you ever driven by a commercial construction site, only to spot a piece of equipment you can’t quite put your finger on? Is it a forklift? Is it a crane? Is it a loader? Is it a vehicle from the movie Mad Max? Yes, it’s all of those things—OK, maybe not the last […]

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Why Would You Need a Commercial Construction Loan?

Your business is thriving. Congratulations! However, with a growing business means a need for more staff, possibly more inventory, and—gasp—more space. How to proceed from here? 

You have several options when it comes to expanding: 

You can move to a new location. While this seems like the obvious choice, it has a handful of drawbacks. Firstly, existing […]

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Cowen to Begin Construction on New Behavioral Health Hospital in Broken Arrow

We’re very excited to announce our involvement with the construction of the SoundMind Behavior Health Hospital in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. 

The SoundMind Behavior Health Hospital will be a 55,000-square-foot hospital to treat and care for those with mental health conditions. The land for the hospital was initially acquired for the facility by SoundMind in 2020 from […]

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How Does BIM Software Help Construction Professionals?

(3.5-min read)

Whether you work in the architectural or construction industries or have any relationship with these fields, you’ve likely heard of the term “BIM.” In this piece, we’re going to take a look at the basics of what BIM software technology is and how it assists construction professionals every day.
What is BIM?
BIM is an acronym […]

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Technological Innovations in the Construction Industry

(3.5-min read)

Everyone would likely agree that the construction industry has changed significantly over the past 40-or-so years. Advancements in building equipment have made it easier for construction crew members to successfully finish projects faster with more precision than ever before. What is less evident to the average onlooker is the impact that technology has played […]

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