“It’s not construction—it’s a renovation. Why should I hire a construction company?”

Whether you own a commercial location for your organization or you’re the landlord, keeping your facility updated is your best interest. Though this is the case, many see obtaining renovations as projects they can manage themselves and may not even consider consulting a commercial construction company.

“Renovations are expensive. The more I manage myself, the less I have to pay.” 

While this seems to add up in theory, the reality of the situation may be much different. The following are four reasons you may want to consider hiring a commercial construction company to handle your renovations.  

1. Hiring a Professional Saves Money

Yes, this may seem backward. It can feel like the more you avoid professionals, the less you pay. However, the learning curve for managing a renovation project is likely more expensive than you thought. Experienced commercial construction companies have performed every task you need. Not only do they know the best way to perform these tasks, but they know the most affordable means of accomplishing the best result. These experts already have all of the necessary equipment, skills, and workforce required to finish the job.

2. Hiring a Construction Company Saves You…Sleep

Ok, that heading may read funny, but it’s true. Most commercial construction jobs not performed by experienced professionals come with an uneasiness in the pit of your stomach that will likely leave you tossing and turning a bit at night. An experienced commercial construction company not only has the experience needed to perform the task at hand but is better equipped to perform the job correctly the first time

3. Commercial Construction Companies Carry Insurance

Most people “know a guy” who is a drywall champion, a roofing ace, a concrete crackerjack, or a window savant. How many of these back pocket “experts” are able to foot the bill if their truck rolls into your awning, their ladder goes through a window, or they fall from a roof? While you could always sue to get your structure fixed, that alone is time and cost-intensive. A commercial construction company, however, will be fully insured. Like number two, you can sleep a little better at night, knowing that your investment won’t be shot on paying for an expensive mistake made by one of Craigslist’s finest. 

4. Construction Professionals Understand Regulations

There’s no quicker way to have your newly renovated facility shut down than with a building code violation. A commercial construction company will be well-versed in the local building regulations, codes, protocols, and laws regarding your project. They will know how to approach a renovation with building codes in mind—unlike many one-and-done laborers who likely can’t be held responsible if they are asked to build something or dispose of something in a way not in line with local ordinances. 

Save Yourself the Headache—Go with Tulsa’s Commercial Construction Professionals

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