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Whether demolishing an existing structure or building a new one, dump trucks are an essential part of almost every construction project. You’ve probably seen these mega-vehicles cruising down highways and back roads. It may seem like one false move can spell disaster. To keep themselves, fellow construction crew members, and the public safe, there are a variety of tactics construction dump truck drivers employ on a daily basis.

Outside Help from Others

If it seems like there are a lot of blind spots on a dump truck, that’s because there are. If you can’t see the driver or any of their mirrors, that means they likely can’t see you either. While this seems like it would make driving a dump truck through a congested construction site like walking through a minefield, this can be done safely with a little help from other crew members. Specially trained and experienced crew members are capable of helping dump truck drivers work their way through even the most treacherous pathways to drop off and collect loads for construction projects.

Kickin’ the Tires

Construction dump trucks are meant to be able to perform in some of the most punishing conditions. Everything from rocky terrain to extreme weather can take their toll on all aspects of even the toughest dump trucks. Even more important than the average vehicle on the road, a dump truck must be in pristine working condition for the safety of everyone involved. For this reason, professional dump truck operators carefully inspect their trucks before use. Tires, wheels, axles, engine, bucket, safety lights, and all other components are tested before trucks are put to work.

A Level Load

Dump trucks have a unique problem — they need to be able to traverse punishing terrain while also being able to haul large quantities of heavy materials. The required height of some dump trucks gives them a considerably high center of gravity. As dump trucks take on larger loads, this center of gravity can become significantly higher. For this reason, it is critical that dump truck drivers only load their trucks on level ground. Receiving heavy loads while the trucks are on uneven terrain can offset the vehicle’s center of gravity to one side. This offset load can make a dump truck drive inadequately or even cause it to tip over. Only level loads are safe loads for dump truck drivers.

Minding Weight Limits

No matter how powerful they seem, every dump truck has a maximum load weight that it can handle. Dump truck drivers know what these weigh capacities are and how to determine whether or not the truck has achieved its maximum weight limit. Failure to heed the maximum weight limit can put the safety of construction crews and drivers at risk.

Professional Personnel Through and Through

Cowen Construction out of Tulsa, OK is dedicated to safety every step of the way. From our dump truck drivers to heavy equipment operators, everything we do is in line with the most rigorous safety protocols.

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