We’re very excited to announce our involvement with the construction of the SoundMind Behavior Health Hospital in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. 

The SoundMind Behavior Health Hospital will be a 55,000-square-foot hospital to treat and care for those with mental health conditions. The land for the hospital was initially acquired for the facility by SoundMind in 2020 from the Broken Arrow Economic Development Authority in 2019. Broken Arrow Mayor Craig Thurmond and many other city officials are said to have been a strong advocate for the project, to which the heads of SoundMind Behavioral Health are thankful for their cooperation. The facility stands as a testament to the City of Broken Arrow’s dedication to its residents. In addition to quality treatment, the hospital will also produce many high-quality positions for those in the growing healthcare industry.

soundmind broken arrow

Source: https://www.tulsaworld.com/business/behavior-health-hospital-to-begin-construction-in-broken-arrow/article_2c4a4295-250b-5cc8-b3c8-81b750da4bef.html

The SoundMind hospital will specialize in mental health disorders for patients 55 and older. Services will range from in-patient treatment as well as outpatient mental health treatment or a variety of mental health disorders. Such disorders include Alzheimer’s and similar related forms of dementia. 

Dewberry Architects out of Tulsa, OK has been working with Cowen Construction on a final design and build-out. Cowen is slated to begin construction spring of 2020 with a projected opening of the facility in fall 2021. For more, feel free to read this Tulsa World article about the project