Most people would assume they have a fairly good understanding of the construction industry due. I mean, who hasn’t driven by a work site and felt they understood what was going on? Though the profession is highly visible to the public (the orange vest certainly help), there are a lot of misunderstandings and misconceptions about the construction industry and the people involved.

Myth #1: Construction work is extremely dangerous.

We’ll agree that that construction work is not without its hazards — hence the hard hats and steel-toed boots. Even while this is the case, when the proper procedures are put in place and ample planning is involved, a great deal of the risk is reduced. Professional construction workers often have years of experience that they use to keep everyone on the crew safe. There is also an innate understanding that cutting corners not only makes for a lower quality end product but also damages a crew’s reputation as well as puts everyone at risk of injury. This experience and knowledge of what is safe and what is dangerous can help make construction work and construction sites relatively low risk.

Myth #2: Construction workers are unintelligent.

Don’t let the wheelbarrows and shovels fool you — each construction worker houses quite a bit of technical knowledge under that hard hat. While a white collar worker may crunch the numbers in a financial setting or even in scientific research, a construction worker has to crunch the numbers on a daily basis to keep every job safe and efficient. Construction workers also have to develop strategies for executing intricate plans in order to deliver a quality product.

Myth #3: Construction workers only work these jobs because they can’t get other jobs.

The idea that someone would choose construction work as a last resort is not only false, but it’s also downright offensive. When it comes to choosing to work in construction, the workers have done the math. The pay is good, most positions offer ample time to spend with family or pursuing other goals, and there’s just something great feeling about helping create something that will serve others for a lifetime or longer.

“This isn’t so bad, huh? Makin’ bucks. Gettin’ exercise. Workin’ outside.” Peter — Office Space, 1999.

Myth #4: Being a construction worker is a dead-end job.

For those working in the construction industry, this myth is almost downright laughable. The fact is that construction work has one of the highest rates of promotion of any jobs. The construction industry routinely promotes from within — hiring specialized workers to tackle tasks that require unique skillsets that have developed via hands-on experience. Some of the most sought-after roles in the construction industry are frequently awarded to those with an incredible amount of on-the-job experience. 

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