With more and more shopping happening online, retailers need to put some serious thought into their physical storefronts. When a customer walks in, they need to be captivated by the space and have a positive shopping experience. The construction of a retail space plays a big role in the sales performance of a retail space. At Cowen Construction, we know what it takes to build a beautiful and engaging retail space. Here are some key elements we recommend go into every retail construction project.

The First 15

When a customer walks into a store for the first time, they normally make a gut decision about the space by the time they’ve walked 15 feet. This first impression is critical. It’s when they will decide how much they’re willing to pay for products and what they think about the quality of the space and goods sold there. The lighting, color scheme, and overall esthetic will all be factors in this decision. It’s best to avoid putting up signage in this first impression zone to let customers acclimate to the space and take it all in.

The Wall of Power

Did you know that a shocking 90% of customers will instinctively turn right when walking into a new store? While no one is exactly sure why this happens, it’s your chance to capitalize on a psychological phenomenon. Retailers have developed a term called the Wall of Power, to turn captive eyes into more sales. Since most customers will turn to the right, why not put up a big beautiful display of your hottest products from floor to ceiling on the right wall? This way customers can’t avoid the display and you get a chance to showcase your best products. 

Steady Flow

You want your space to be easily navigated, but not so easy customers blow by without buying anything. Defining a clear path for customers is important so they know how to find the products they’re looking for. This can be done with store fixtures and display items. It’s also important to throw in a few speed bumps to slow traffic down a bit. Placing a sale rack or unique furniture piece along the way will help keep shoppers engaged. 

Using smart construction design for a retail space can lead to happier customers and more sales. If you’re in need of retail construction services, call Cowen Construction.