In today’s business climate it’s imperative to constantly be looking ahead. Having a plan for the years to come keeps budgets balanced, customers happy, and revenue generating. One critical part of business planning is keeping your office space up to date and relevant. Changing design trends and wear and tear are realities every business needs to account for. Remodeling an existing office space or upgrading to a completely new space both have several key benefits.

Better and Happier Employees

By far the most significant impact a new office space can have is on your employees. When an office space is old, outdated, cramped, and dilapidated employee’s morale and productivity take a dip. When companies invest in a new office, employees will have more room to work, get an opportunity to put their personal touches on the office, and be more likely to enjoy coming to work. Studies also show after employees move into a new office or remodeling work is completed, email volume goes up and distraction time goes down.

A Fresh Look

Regardless of the quality of a maintenance or janitorial service, eventually an office will become dated and worn. Carpet will get faded, walls become dingy, and styles will inevitably shift. Upgrading to a new space is a great opportunity to freshen up your office with a more contemporary feel and make much-needed repairs.

Community Image 

Having updated offices is a signal of growth and stability to the community and, more importantly, prospective clients. When clients come to your office, your waiting room will be making the first handshake. It needs to be a reflection of the capability and quality of your company.


Depending on the size of your current utility and maintenance bill, you might stand to save money in the long run by investing in a new office space. If you opt to use energy efficient and sustainable materials, it can lower your energy consumption and thus lower your utility bill. Another potential saving is in the cost of maintenance. Older buildings often require regular fixes, which would not be needed in a new space.

Whether you need to gut and remodel or a new tenant build out, Cowen Construction has been building new office spaces for companies for many years. Our team knows what it takes to build an efficient workspace for any industry.