“This is the way we’ve always done it.” 

While there are many old fashioned ethics and business tactics in the construction industry, resting on older technology laurels will not likely bode well for any construction company short of Amish barn raisers. Advances in imaging technology are helping construction professionals build structures faster, better, cheaper, and with less waste. One such technology is what is called “Reality Capture” technology. 

What is reality capture technology? 

Whether a client is looking to renovate an iconic historic structure or build a newer building to match a historic district’s aesthetic, having the plans for older structures certainly comes in handy. One of the problems is that, for a building that may be over a century old, plans may be non-existent. That’s where “Reality Capture” technology shines. 

Imagine having the ability to scan an existing structure as you’d scan a document. New technologies have been and are continuing to be developed that allow engineers, architects, and construction specialists to scan structures physically. These scans create accurate renderings of existing buildings to aid in renovations and new construction. 

What’s wrong with the more traditional route? 

Some may still hold to an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” model of developing the schematics for existing structures without using reality capture technology. While possible, reality capture technology provides construction specialists with a way to create highly accurate plans that result in projects completed in less time with less waste, thus saving everyone money. 

Whereas before, one would “measure twice, cut once,” reality scanning allows them to measure as many times as necessary thanks to modern technology. 

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