Before Building Up, You May Need to Dig

Around the beginning of a commercial construction project, any client is anxious to see their structure start to take shape. Before this can happen, several essential steps cannot be skipped. While many of these have to do with paperwork and land surveying, one step almost seems counter-intuitive—excavation. 

Why is Excavation Necessary?

It may seem a little backward to dig down before you build up. However, the most important aspect of any build is the foundation on which the structure is built—and below that is the ground in which the foundation sits. Excavation, whether for a building with subterranean levels or not, ensures that the structure is built on a solid footing. Excavation may also be necessary to clear and level areas in preparation for the construction of roads, sewer systems, reservoirs, and the like. 

What Needs to Happen Before Excavation

Before excavation can commence, several aspects of the dig need to be reviewed. Firstly, specialists need to determine if an excavation would adversely affect the natural wildlife in a way that violates building regulations. The area may be checked to see if it sits close to a water aquifer that excavation may disrupt. Also, the site is surveyed for the presence of any historical artifacts that may be damaged, destroyed, or covered up through the process of building. Once these items have been factored out, site size and depth allowances can be determined. 

How Pre-Construction Excavation Occurs

The act of excavation utilizes a wide array of tools to help dig out unlevel slopes and create necessary trenches for utility and plumbing lines. Earthmovers and mechanical excavators may be employed as well as hand-held devices and even explosives to blast away rock when deemed necessary. Following excavation, some terrain may be made level with a variety of tools and techniques. The loosened materials from a site are hauled away or reused—either for their mineral elements elsewhere or as material for other aspects of the project. 

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