Holding regular safety meetings is a proven way to keep crews focused on safety procedures and best practices, and thus reduce accidents. These meetings are part of the regular routine for any construction company worth their salt, but sometimes these meetings can become a little too routine. Experienced crews have probably sat through more safety meetings than they care to count, which can make it easy to get desensitized and tune out the message.


It’s the job of the leadership team to make sure routine safety meetings still carry weight and don’t become part of the humdrum schedule. Here are a few tips to keep safety meetings relevant and engaging.


Mandatory for Everyone Means Everyone


It’s important that the leadership team is at these meetings. This sends a clear message that attention to safety is taken seriously by everyone in the company. When leadership skips out, it can look like these meetings are just for show and don’t require the crew’s full attention.  


Talk About Today


Delivering the same verbatim safety speech every day is a surefire way to get tuned out. Instead of the boilerplate set, keep the focus on what’s happening today. Talk about when and where the biggest risks will be and how to avoid accidents around them. Identify who will be in charge of the different safety steps so everyone is on the same page.


Have a Plan for Accidents


Now that the major risks of the day have been identified, it’s time to let everyone know what to do if an accident does happen. Go over the chain of command so the right people are notified and crews can take action without having to guess what the procedure says to do.


Check PPE


Ending the meeting with a quick PPE check to make sure everyone is wearing hard hats, ear plugs, gloves, high visibility clothing, and any other necessary PPE is always a good idea. PPE is one of the basic safety steps to take, but it can also be the easiest to forget.


Safety meetings need to retain their importance throughout the entirety of the project. Keeping crews engaged and attentive will keep them safe. At Cowen Construction, we strive to create an environment where safety is the top priority for everyone in the company.