Stunning structures with quite the story. 

Many believe that there are no more skyscrapers in Tulsa, OK, south of about 71st Street. Those people would be wrong. Emerging from seemingly out of nowhere are three monumental buildings whose gold-like-brass reflects sunlight for miles in every direction. And the story behind these mysterious towers is as fascinating as the structure themselves. 

Following his daughter-in-law’s death in a plane crash in 1977, well-known televangelist and founder of Oral Roberts University, Oral Roberts claimed to have experienced a spiritual vision. He claimed that he was instructed to build a towering hospital that would be called City of Faith Medical and Research Center in this vision. Initial attempts to construct the three-tower complex were rocky, to say the least. Lacking financial backing or the medical community’s support (they claimed that no such facility was necessary), City of Faith Hospital was never even entirely completed—with some floors of the West tower left unfinished. 

While the Center did operate as a hospital on some of its floors through 1981 to 1989, it was ultimately rented out for various uses. The building complex was renamed as CityPlex Towers shortly thereafter. Uses included offices, radios stations, debt collection agencies, and even Cancer Treatment Centers of America until they completed construction on their own facility around 81st and Highway 169. Oklahoma Surgical Hospital operates out of the lower floors of the center building and CityPlex West. 

The Details

The CityPlex Towers include three towers, the tallest being 60 stories and 648 feet (198 meters)—making it the third tallest building in Oklahoma behind the BOK Tower and Devon Tower. The main tower sits between the 20-story CityPlex Tower East at 248 feet (76 meters) and the 30-story CityPlex Tower West at 348 feet (106 meters). 

Inspiration in Town

The CityPlex Towers share much of the Oral Roberts University buildings’ architectural highlights that sit just across the street. These structures are only a few of the many head-turning designs one can witness all over Tulsa, OK. As a commercial construction company serving Greater Tulsa, Cowen Construction is excited to help your company bring all of your designs to life—whether inspired by Tulsa or elsewhere.