A first not only for Tulsa, OK, but for the world. 

Even if you’re not a Tulsa native, if you’ve ever seen any depiction of the Tulsa, Oklahoma skyline, there is one building that is typically included, though it is not located Downtown. Positioned just outside of Downtown, a few blocks from the Arkansas River, is the University Club Tower. More than just another apartment building, the University Club Tower catches the eye due to one obscure feature: it’s round! Sometimes referred to as “The Syringe” for its unique shape, this tower is a marvel of design—not only for Tulsa, OK, but for buildings worldwide. 

Groundbreaking Before Ground Was Broken

News of the construction of University Club Tower spread around the globe even before the completion in 1966. Why? Not because of its unique shape or location of the parking garage, but because the University Club Tower was the first building of its size to be designed with the help of computer technology— which is was by Fred Gauger—an Oklahoma State University engineering professor. Though computer-aided architecture was just in its infancy, such help was needed to properly design the tower’s unique shape and structure in record time. 

The Details

The University Club Tower stands at 377 feet tall (115 meters) and contains 32 floors. The tower mostly contains apartments with unique floorplans—all of which are somewhat in the shape of a slice of pie due to the building’s unique round shape. The construction cost $7 million to build, which, when adjusted for inflation to 2020, equals roughly $58.5 million. The building was first opened to tenants in 1968. When it first opened, the building’s number of amenities led to a marketing campaign that described the building as, “a city within a city.” The tower currently boasts eight parking levels, a 6,000 square foot fitness center, catering kitchen, conference rooms, landscaped courtyards, lounge, and much more. 

Inspiration at Home

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