Drone over construction site

A “culture of innovation” is something you might associate with technology companies in Silicon Valley, but it’s also something prioritized by the top construction companies in the US. Technology used in construction is what allows some contractors to finish projects ahead of schedule or under budget without sacrificing quality. Technology also enables quality to be improved without sacrificing the timeline, or significantly increasing the budget.

At Cowen Construction, we value innovation and take pride in incorporating new technology into our day-to-day operations that enables us to deliver the best quality product to our clients.

With endless possibilities available, however, it can become difficult to decide what new technology to add to existing processes, and when to add them. One simple question to ask comes at the start of a new project: “can the current technology and processes in place accomplish the goals of this project?” If a specific project has unique needs that new technology more efficiently satisfies, that’s a reasonable time to introduce this new technology into our processes. Often, if one project benefits from it, other future projects will too.

It’s also important to continuously assess the fit and effectiveness of existing systems and upgrade as they become out of date, inefficient, or obsolete. This is where a true “culture”, which starts from the top down, is important. Staff at all levels and phases of a project need to be able to identify sources of inefficiency and incorporate new technology that improves their ability to deliver for clients.

There’s also a fine line to walk when choosing which technology to add. On one hand, getting input from multiple areas of the company enables technology to be chosen that meets the widest possible scope of needs. On the other hand, however, that approach can quickly lead to a one-size-fits-all solution, which isn’t the best fit for any one need.

The technology currently making the biggest impact on construction includes laser scanning, which can be used to remotely monitor sites, and create detailed drawings. Additionally, drones are being incorporated on job sites in a variety of ways.

While mobile technology was adopted by many contractors years ago, its prevalence and effectiveness continues to increase. Smartphones and tablets are able to handle more of the workload and enable individuals to connect and collaborate with others in real time.

Failing to invest in developing technology has adverse effects on projects that increase over time. Falling behind the technology curve results in contractors being unable to handle the demands of their clients.

At Cowen Construction, we value our past and hold onto the values our company was built on more than 100 years ago. We’ve also been able to continually look to the future and ensure that clients receive the best service and production possible by embracing new technology.

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