“I’m concerned that if I elect to pull the trigger on a new commercial construction initiative, it will be shut down if COVID-19 lockdown continues. Will my projects be shut down?” 

Essential Workers Defined

Currently, COVID-19 has led to closed restaurants, retail stores, and office buildings worldwide. Once bustling hubs stand empty as employees have been sent home to work remotely, or worse, laid off. Many businesses have found it is difficult to receive the supplies they need if their sectors have not been deemed “essential” by state and Federal government agencies. While this mostly applies to those that manufacturer products or specialty restaurants, there is a fear that these regulations could put added pressure on residential and commercial construction projects. 

No All-Encompassing Guidance

As of the publishing of this article, there are no Federal or nation-wide regulations concerning residential and commercial construction. States and cities have mostly been allowed to decide the level of which construction initiatives can proceed. Though not officially deemed “critical infrastructure,” most construction projects—including both residential and commercial—have been allowed to commence, most areas have regulations in place designed to keep workers safe. These regulations require workers to socially distance when possible, don masks, and wash their hands at periodic intervals. 

Biggest Impacts Are Economic Over Regulatory

Even if commercial construction is allowed under Covid-19 regulation, the industry is expected to take a slight hit due to the general slow down of the willingness for business to expand amidst a pandemic. Other concerns are due to forecasted decreased demand for new office building construction as more and more companies opt to hire more remote workers. 


So, is commercial construction considered critical infrastructure in the area of the Corona Virus Covid-19 pandemic? Not officially. Still, most construction operations can legally operate due to the industry’s ability to safely perform their duties while taking the necessary precautions. These rules largely depend on where you live and data-driven precautions instituted by infectious disease experts and local government officials. 

For additional updates, stay tuned to the Department of Homeland Security’s guide to Identifying Critical Infrastructure During Covid-19

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