On the morning of Thursday, December 13, 2018, a group from Tulsa’s Junior Achievement were invited by the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Oklahoma to tour the site of a construction project, “Village On Main” in Jenks, Oklahoma. The project has been under the direction of Cowen Construction. The aim of the tour was to provide the group of mostly teenage Junior Achievement members with an inside look at the construction industry and the variety of careers that exist therein.

The morning began with the students from Junior Achievement being treated to breakfast with guest speakers including AGC Executive Director Doug Tapp and Tulsa Tech Career Training Representative Brad Manuel speaking about the career possibilities in the construction industry as well as what the morning would contain. Safety concerns were also addressed prior to the construction job site tour. After a safety briefing, the group headed out to see the site in person.


Throughout the tour, students got to see the many different stages of the construction process with explanations from their hosts. The students were free to ask questions of the guest speakers as well as from representatives of Cowen Construction. Following the tour, the students were treated to lunch with additional speakers from the construction industry. According to one source, the students had actually chosen the construction tour over other career-specific tours they were offered which hopefully made for a more stimulating and positive experience. It is also reported that two of the students were so taken with the experience that they immediately reached out to organizers about potential job opportunities in the construction industry. Lee Timmons of Cowen Construction said this about the tour: “We hope anyone of these students now understand real opportunites in construction and consider it as their career path.”