When you’re considering expanding your church’s footprint or renovating your existing space it can seem daunting. There’s funds to raise, plans to make, and then you have to find a way to function while construction is happening. Not to mention all the alarming stories floating around about church renovations gone wrong.


At Cowen Construction, we’ve helped plenty of churches successfully pull off complex renovation and expansion jobs, and we’ve learned how to do it the right way. If your congregation is thinking about doing some construction, follow these three steps.

Plan Ahead

Sometimes a construction project might initially be spurred by a need to replace the roof or some flooring. However, even if you’re just planning on doing some minor repairs, try to create a master plan that outlines construction projects that will be needed as the church membership grows and the church structure ages. Doing this might allow you to group certain projects together, which will save money in the long run. It can also help stretch major projects out into different phases. So if the funds aren’t available to complete a project in one fell swoop, you can create a plan to break up payments.

Hire Experience

Doing construction on a church creates a very unique set of problems that a run of the mill contractor probably isn’t equipped to deal with. This involves allowing the congregation to still meet on Sundays and designing a space that allows the church to function properly. At Cowen, our experience in church construction is the key to a successful renovation.

Budget Wisely

Once the plan has been created, it’s time to start budgeting and raising the funds. For this step of the process, it’s best to look at the price of the bid and expected giving amounts in the near future. See what funds can be earmarked for fund raising, and talk with your congregation about the project. Some members might be willing to give a little extra if they’re particularly passionate about what the church is doing.

Church construction and renovation doesn’t have to be scary and complicated. We have a long history of completing church projects on time and on budget, and with our expertise we can help you successfully expand or renovate your church.