In an effort to support our employees and give them every tool they need to succeed, Cowen Construction is proud to announce the creation of our Professional Development Program (PDP). We believe employee development is vital to the success of our company, and this program is just one way we’re striving to challenge and grow our employees.

The four pillars of the PDP are: Company, Community, Connection, and Customers.

 Company Engagement

  • Professional growth and learning opportunities
  • Open discussions of internal processes and motivating factors
  • Sharing key networking topics
  • Weekly emails with networking and communication tips
  • Company PDP calendar of networking events and opportunities

Community Activism 

  • Select one of the events or charities that have been nominated by Cowen’s leadership team based on our company mission and values.
  • Regularly volunteer to help grow personally and be a positive representation of Cowen Construction in the community. 

Connection Development 

  • Select an industry or professional organization from Cowen’s memberships
  • Attend monthly meetings and events
  • Grow professional network with other industry experts
  • Communicate Cowen’s values within industry circles

Customer Sustainability

  • Maintain and build relationships with current contract stakeholders
  • Promote open lines of communication with everyone involved in the project
  • Strive to monitor previous work, create sustainable alliances, and capture new needs

The inaugural PDP meeting happened last week and was an overwhelming success. We want to thank all employees who attended and The Persimmon Group for giving an excellent talk on Effective Listening.