Goodbye, road construction. Hello, progress! 

Whether you’ve continued to enjoy many of the restaurants and shops along Tulsa’s Cherry Street District or you’ve passed through for delicious take-out from the area’s many restaurants, you’ve likely noticed two things — road construction and building construction. While the road construction had greatly limited passing through the district, that is largely completed. What else is also nearing completion is sure to be one of Cowen Construction’s most iconic Tulsa projects—the Cherry Street Plaza. 

The Cherry Street Plaza

For decades, Cherry Street has been one of the most popular areas for both Tulsa locals as well as for those visiting the city. Businesses in the district range from art galleries to bicycle shops, pizza parlors, and a variety of restaurants and watering holes. While business has not ceased with the advent of the 2020 pandemic, some people are been forced to avoid such close-quarter settings. As they approach once again, they’re going to be greeted by a bold new structure—the Cherry Street Plaza. 

Towering over the other structures on Cherry Street, the Plaza was designed to fit the aesthetic of the area while contributing to its charm. Though nearing completion as of the publishing of this piece, once fully completed, the multi-story building will house 15 apartments, street-facing shops, and opportunities for rooftop dining overlooking Downtown Tulsa—which will be an especially stunning view around sunset every day. 

If you haven’t had a chance to see the structure for yourself, feel free to pass through the Cherry Street District. You won’t be able to miss the nearly finished Cherry Street Plaza. 

Learn more about the Cherry Street Plaza here.