As your drive through your town, the signs of construction are unmistakable. Temporary fencing appearing seemingly overnight can hide many secrets. While some of these new construction projects may be new condominiums, strip malls, and restaurants, an increasing amount of these construction projects are healthcare related. Why on earth is there such a demand for new healthcare construction?

Geographic Shifts Spur Healthcare Construction

Even though many are perfectly content with the lively energy of city life, many others are opting for the quiet of the suburbs. Even though the Great Recession of 2008 through a monkey wrench in the suburban home buying process for many city dwellers, the economy has since picked up and made purchasing a larger home in the suburbs a possibility. With this migration to the suburbs, the demand for healthcare services closer to home have increased. People don’t want to have to drive into the larger metropolitan areas to see a doctor or especially to receive emergency medical treatment. For this reason, the need for medical office construction and new hospital construction has climbed to new heights.

Aging Population

As the number of the Greatest Generation continue to dwindle, their Baby Boomer children are becoming quickly settled into retirement and senior living. In the top ten metropolitan areas, the number of the elderly population is expected to increase by a million a year on average. Better healthcare services mean that this population is also living years longer than their parents and decades longer than their grandparents. According to the U.S. Census, by 2029, more than 20% of the United States’ population will be over 65 years old. This is an aging population combined with an increased life expectancy. This demographic also has a higher number of doctor visits per year than any other age group. Medical office and hospital construction is still a long way from catching up with the demand of the healthcare industry for older folks.

Doctors Expanding Their Reach

The modern entrepreneurial bug has hit the general population — from web designers to accountants and beyond. The idea of working for yourself has become the modern American dream. This is also the case in the healthcare field. More and more, doctors are leaving larger clinic settings and establishing their own practices. As new doctors either set up their own practices or replace the ones that left to do so, there is a continued demand for medical office construction.

In Summary

  • The suburban sprawl has led to an increased demand for the construction of new clinics, hospitals, and medical offices.
  • The aging Baby Boomers with longer life expectancies are growing in number as they age and require more medical intervention than any other age group, thus more healthcare-related construction.
  • An increase in doctors with the entrepreneurial spirit has led to heightened demand for new medical offices and clinics.

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