What are the duties of a construction rigger?

Construction riggers are responsible for the proper manipulation of heavy loads on a construction site. When working in tandem with crane or hoist operators, construction riggers can manage the movement or placement of virtually any component—no matter how large or heavy. 

Riggers exist in industries ranging from shipping to manufacturing, mining, logging, film making, and beyond. 

What does the day of a construction rigger look like? 


Riggers are first-and-foremost obsessed with safety. Because their job requires the proper hoisting of some of the heaviest components—from steel beams to concrete structures, sometimes to dizzying heights—abiding by rigorous safety protocols is crucial for an experienced rigger’s success. 

Understanding of Equipment

Any professional construction rigger must be well versed in the application and load capabilities of their equipment. Any miscalculation in what a certain attachment, chain, rope, or other relevant components can safely hold can result in certain catastrophe on the construction site. Understanding the capabilities of their equipment also means identifying any weaknesses in relevant components to avoid equipment failure. 

What physical attributes should a construction rigger possess?

Though you may feel that you can “eyeball” the distance between two spaces, a construction rigger’s ability to use their depth-perception to make carefully estimated measurements throughout the movement of hoisted components is practically a sixth sense. Construction riggers must also remain sensitive to any problems that may arise mid-movement to ensure the safety of all of those involved. Most construction riggers can work in any climate, at any height, and are physically capable of manipulating suspended components for hoisting, installation, and the like.

How does one become a construction rigger? 

Must like scaffolders, construction riggers usually come from other divisions of the construction industry. Though there are several rigging certifications that riggers can obtain, few traditional rigging educational programs exist—as most rigging skills are obtained on the job. There are, however, a variety of rigging safety certifications required of construction riggers, depending on their location and the type of work they do. 

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