What does the day of a scaffolder look like? 

If you’ve been around most commercial construction sites, you’ve noticed a web of scaffolding that surrounds any structure as it is built. These are the responsibility of the scaffold builder—also known as a scaffolder. 

Scaffolding plays an incredibly important role in providing construction professionals access to some of the hardest-to-reach areas throughout the process. They can range from just a few inches high to span entire stories up the sides of skyscrapers. Simply put, they give workers the support they need to complete the most difficult of construction jobs. 

What does a scaffolder actually do? 

A scaffolder or scaffold team is a group of specialists tasked with the important job of transporting, assembling, maintaining, and then disassembling scaffolding for a variety of construction jobs. Their services are required during every step of a construction project. 

What skills are needed to be a scaffolder? 

Scaffolders must be able to think on their feet and come up with creative ways to build scaffolding structures for construction professionals to use. This may mean utilizing existing structures or interlocking scaffolding structures around corners with specialized anchors to keep everything in place. Fairly robust knowledge of functional mathematics may also come in handy for scaffolders.

Successful scaffolders must also be completely obsessed with safety. Because scaffolding is designed to be disassembled, ensuring the proper assembly and maintenance of elements of scaffolding is paramount to the safety of themselves and their co-workers. There is absolutely no room for error during the assembly, maintenance, and disassembly of construction-grade scaffolding. 

How does one become a scaffolder? 

Few formal certifications for scaffolders exist, though it is a very specialized skill. Most scaffolders began their careers in construction as laborers and obtained experience with scaffolding on the job. Once they are assigned to scaffolding crews, they may undergo additional training on different types of scaffolding products, applications, and safety protocols. 

What is the job environment like for a scaffolder? 

The daily work life of a scaffolder varies. Most days will be spent on construction sites—unloading, assembling, maintaining, disassembling, reloading, and moving scaffolding components. Scaffolders work in all climates and even varying weather conditions. They must be timely and prompt, as most construction duties cannot commence until the scaffolder has secured the scaffolding structures for use. 

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