What does the average day for a structural welder look like?

Much more than heating, shaping, and fusing metals, a successful structural welder must also be aware of his team’s dynamic, safety, and the intricacies of the job at hand. In this piece, we will break down some of the basics and look at the average day for a structural welder. 

Rolling Up to the Construction Site

Before the welder or welding team start their workday, safety is paramount. Even before reviewing the work specifications, welding professionals will ensure that all safety protocols are reviewed and in place. Welders and their crew acquire their welding equipment, safety equipment, and other relevant supplies from the tool depot. They will then need to procure a hot work permit from the construction site manager before work can begin. 

Overhead Access and Lifting Equipment Certification

Beyond being skilled with welding-specific equipment, an experienced structural welder must also be certified to use the equipment relevant to their job. These pieces of equipment include scissor-lifters, “cherry-picker” style lifts, and other wheeled lifting vehicles to allow them access to areas of structural significance. Welders typically acquire certification and experience in using these lifting machines on the job site along with offsite training courses. 

Maintaining Clear Communication

To maintain a safe and successful working environment, structural welders and all welding crew members need to communicate clearly. Welders need to be able to communicate with their crew members, lift operators, supply specialists, and site managers. 

How to Become a Structural Welder

Most structural welders have completed a welding program through an accredited trade school or third-party training service. Their licensed services tend to remain in high demand with competitive payment and opportunities for overtime. A structural welder’s duties may take welding crews to a wide variety of locations with a diverse array of welding applications. This variety means that the role remains new and exciting each day.

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