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Even though environmental sustainability may feel like the flavor of the week, there are reasons to believe that the need is here to stay. In addition to a market that leans toward the more eco-conscious, the need for sustainability is more than an economic trend. Pursuing green approaches to every aspect of life is the new normal. This makes pursuing environmentally friendly and sustainable construction practices worthwhile for contractors and businesses alike. 

Increased Use of Renewable Construction Materials

Environmental sustainability within construction begins with the nature of the materials used. More and more, it is commonplace to see renewable construction materials used in residential as well as commercial construction. A wide array of building materials can be made from recycled plastics. Items that once we thought of to be trash become parts of beautiful homes and business structures. More natural, sustainably manufactured materials are also used in the form of bamboo — a substance known not only for it’s incredibly fast growth-to-harvest time, but high tensile strength and natural beauty. Even recycled hardwoods can be used to add a wise charm to a new structure, all at a much lower environmental cost. 

Limiting Waste From Construction

In the past, little thought was given to how the materials used in construction would one day be safely disposed of once the structure had lived out its purpose. Polystyrene, also known as styrofoam, a substance that can last many thousands of years, is falling out of popularity among those concerned with making construction more environmentally conscious. Suitable replacements are continually being developed that are composed of materials that can be later recycled for other purposes. 

The Economic Benefits of Sustainable Construction

In addition to seeing green as far as renewable resources are concerned, those who decide to pursue a more environmentally-friendly construction route can expect to see green in the form of economic incentive. Buildings built to be more environmentally sustainable typically come with lower utility costs. The prestige that comes with building more eco-conscious structures also sits well with clients and customers who may frequent a commercial business. With changing opinions on the value of eco-consciousness and the importance of being an environmentally consistent business is appealing to potential customers and may help companies to stand out from their competition. 

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