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From a client’s perspective, we understand that commercial construction can be both an exciting, anticipatory time as their organization expands. We also understand that it can be a nerve-wracking period because time is money, money is limited, and they likely have others breathing down their necks for answers. It’s for this reason that a commercial construction company’s communication can make or break a construction project experience.

Agreeing On Availablity

There is something comforting for a client about being able to reach their construction company with questions whenever they feel. Still, for the sake work/life balance, it can be important for clients to understand that this communication has a time and a place. One way to strike the right balance between access and space can be agreeing on an availability schedule with clients. All clients should be able to have a clear line of communication with their commercial construction representative, but in order to remain professional, agreeing upon hours of the day or days of the week to make these calls or when to expect replies to messages need to be established from the onset. The same should go for when a construction professional can reach a client with any necessary questions or updates. If planned properly, both the client and construction company can establish a comfortable, professional line of communication.

Creating a Predictable Timetable

Any commercial construction company worth their salt should have a fairly good idea of how long each phase of the construction process should take. The plan for executing a client’s project should be outlined in a detailed estimate. This gives clients an idea of the amount of time required to finish each phase of the construction project. This allows them to not feel like they’ve been left in the dark about the progress of their project.

Scheduling Times To Discuss Progress

Mobile devices have provided the advantage of being able to instantly know the status of everything from sports scores to breaking news and even the location of our pizza delivery driver. While this is great, it has also reprogrammed our minds to require constant updates whenever we want them. While communication with a client is the highest importance, constantly having to provide notifications for every advancement in the process at a moment’s notice can prove counterproductive to the goals of the project. In order to remove the friction of status request from representatives as well as ease the mind of clients, scheduling check-in appointments is greatly beneficial. The client can feel rest assured that a progress report meeting is on the books. This also allows the representative to prepare a detailed status report of the project. Everyone comes through the process satisfied that their time is well spent.

At Cowen Construction, our communication with our clients about ongoing projects is one of the services that set us apart from many other construction companies in the Tulsa area. We’re dedicated to keeping you updated on every step in the process of the progress of your commercial construction project.

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