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It probably goes without saying that our relationships with our commercial construction clients are our bread-and-butter. That being said, there are some in our industry who lose sight of the importance of maintaining a great relationship long after the trucks drive away. In this piece, we’re going to look at how maintaining relationships with past clients equals future successes for everyone.

Leveraging Past Client Relationships

“Get someone else to blow your horn and the sound will carry twice as far.”

– Will Rogers, Oklahoma sage

You can hire the best marketing teams in the industry to create the most fantastic campaigns. While this is well and good, the material most sought after by those shopping for commercial construction services is what past clients have to say about you. For this reason, keeping clients happy long after the keys to a new building are handed off is of the utmost importance. Fresh, unaffiliated leads are great, but they pale in comparison to a recommendation of a friend or even acquaintance. Superior work and service can help remove the friction of giving a positive tutorial. Lasting friendship turns clients into devout advocates of your brand.

Being Reliably Flexible To Construction Client Needs

No two construction jobs are identical. Even if they are similar, the mix-and-match of services needed and clients to serve requires the ability to remain nimble. For construction companies, balancing of a consistent track record of quality work with flexibility is a must. Even though many of the methods remain the same, remaining limber to the unique needs of each client are crucial for construction companies. To paint a mental picture of this balance between rugged experience and being flexible to the unique needs of a client, a construction company needs to be able to jump double-dutch in steel-toed boots.

Continued Follow-Up Fosters New Business

Don’t get us wrong — we absolutely love new clients. That first handshake is a big chunk of what helps us keep our lights on and workers paid. With this being said, the cost of acquisition of a new client versus a new project for an existing client who knows and loves your work is significant. It’s for this reason that we treat every new client not as a one-and-done, but as someone shopping for a go-to friend in the commercial construction industry. While reaching out to past clients to see how they’re doing can seem like a costly and time-intensive endeavor if no new projects are currently on the horizon, it doesn’t even compare to forming a trusting relationship from scratch. The effort put forth to make sure every clients’ expectations have been exceeded is not only incredibly lucrative, but it’s also one of our favorite aspects of the job. Few things give us more joy than picking up the phone, calling up a client-turned-advocate, and discussing their dreams for the future of their business or organization — even if those dreams don’t immediately include us.

 If your business or organization has commercial construction dreams, we’d love to hear all about them.

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