“It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s drone inspecting the roof on your building.” 

Whereas they were once a novelty, aerial drones have become as commonplace as remote control cars. Still, aside from giving weekend warriors the semblance of flight without hours of private instruction, their ability to provide new perspectives only once achieved via human-crewed aircraft or cranes have made them invaluable tools for commercial construction projects. 

Drones For Surveying 

Surveying land for development has come a long way since the days of ancient Rome and Egypt. The advent of satellite technology has provided land surveyors with global positioning systems (GPS), capturing the most accurate coordinates and topographical information possible. Even with this technology, having the ability to quickly survey a site with a remote-control eye in the sky helps architects and construction professionals out immensely. Drone-provided video imagery and scans can provide accurate measurements, conditions of existing lands, and access positions limited by rough terrain. 

Construction Applications

Imagine that you have hired a commercial construction company to build your organization’s new office building. While weekly or monthly progress reports in the form of spoken or written descriptions or even ground photography are excellent, a flyover few of the progress in crisp video can lend truth to the saying “a picture speaks a thousand words.” Providing quick progress updates on larger commercial construction sites via drone is just one of the many advantages of utilizing drone photography or videography. Safer than a crane and cheaper than a helicopter, drone-provided updates allow clients to remain engaged in the construction process. 

Hazard Prevention

As the technology for drone attachments increases, the applications possible from these unmanned flying devices increases as well. One such role is that of safety—more specifically, hazard spotting. With improved camera technology, drones can provide construction professionals with new angles of their projects not before easily spotted without possibly putting workers in danger. Large construction structures can be easily inspected for flaws in assembly or support using drone imagery and quickly remedied—saving construction companies and clients time and money with low risk to workers. 

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