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Have you ever driven by a commercial construction site, only to spot a piece of equipment you can’t quite put your finger on? Is it a forklift? Is it a crane? Is it a loader? Is it a vehicle from the movie Mad Max? Yes, it’s all of those things—OK, maybe not the last one. Today, we’d like to introduce you to one of the most versatile pieces of equipment on a commercial construction site—the telehandler. 

telescopic handler for commercial construction

Telescopic + Handler = Telehandler

Also known as a telescopic handler, reach forklift, or teleporter (don’t get too excited, sci-fi fans), the telehandler is the swiss army knife of the heavy materials handling world. Most telehandlers have four all-terrain tires, an operator cab, and a telescopic boom. This boom can be outfitted with several different attachments, such as buckets, forks, and winches, and muck grabs. They are sometimes called “cherry pickers” in North America, as this designation can be assigned to any such vehicle a telescopic boom, though most cherry pickers are outfitted trucks. 

What Telehandlers Can Do

Telehandlers may be best described as forklifts on steroids—able to do almost everything a standard factory-use forklift can do, and then some. Telescopic handlers are often seen outfitted with pallet fork attachments, used to make loading, construction, and demolition jobs much easier for workers. Their telescopic arm can typically extend lifted objects over 50 feet up or out. Telehandlers can also be equipped with crane jib for lifting a more diverse array of materials where workers need them. Closer to the ground, telehandlers can be equipped with a variety of buckets for moving earth and other materials. For this application, telehandlers can use their telescopic booms to load and unload materials not usually accessible to typical loaders or forklifts. 

When Telehandlers Are Used

One of the reasons why telescopic handlers are a common site is due to the versatility of their application. While they shine in areas where the terrain is too rough for typical forklifts to operate, they also outwork forklifts in terms of height and robust aptitude. Telehandlers come in a variety of sizes and specializations depending on the weight of loads and build heights. Anywhere room is tight, but materials or debris need to be moved across spaces, telehandlers have proven themselves time and time again to be reliable tools for the job. 

Questions About Commercial Construction? 

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