There’s a lot to get done before breaking ground. There’s zoning, price estimating, permitting, and, of course, the design of the structure. This phase, known as pre-construction, is one of the most important parts of the construction process. This is where critical decisions are made that will greatly affect the budget and timeline of the project.

The strategy behind pre-construction is to work out all the kinks and troubleshoot any problems before you have boots on the ground. Without this stage of the process you can end up with manpower and materials sitting around waiting for issues to be resolved.

A common misconception is that pre-construction is solely about estimating costs. This is taking far too narrow of a view of preconstruction. Instead, we look at the entire process and bring in risk managers, budget consultants, design experts, and a full team of experienced specialists.

We love nothing more than getting a chance to partner with architects and assist them with the design process. Our knowledge of materials and production can save valuable time by reducing redesigns. By being proactive, we’re able to offer a much more efficient and cost-effective process.

It’s no secret our clients come to us because of our experience handling complex projects from start to finish. We can put this experience to use by continually giving accurate cost figures, leveraging the newest technology in the industry, and managing communication between all parties involved.

Bringing Cowen’s experience and expertise to the table during the design phase of your project lets us show how pre-construction should be done. We can assist with site analysis, zoning, budget development, materials and systems studies, and much more. When we get involved during the inception stage, our knowledge can be used to obtain a lower cost and a smoother construction experience.