Creating the perfect multi-family complex isn’t easy. With so many options to choose from and the large scale of the project, it’s important to have years of experience building successful multi-family complexes. At Cowen Construction, our multi-family living portfolio speaks for itself. Over the years and through multiple projects, we have identified three important factors that can determine the success of a multi-family complex. 


The three most important words in real estate are – location, location, and location. It’s equally cliché and true. Close proximity to dining and entertainment options, parks and family activities, and even grocery stores and doctors are all factors tenants will be looking for. Other important factors for multi-family projects are school districts and the safety of the neighborhood. Location also includes on-site amenities like parking, pools, and playgrounds. 

Floor Plans

By nature, tenants of multi-family residences will be living in close quarters with their neighbors. This cramped feeling can be made worse if the floor plans aren’t designed correctly. To make units feel bigger and more spacious, divider walls should be kept to a minimum and big windows are key. By allowing more natural light in, tenants will feel like they have more space to be themselves in their home. 


Everyone looking for a new place to live will have some sort of a price range in mind. It’s important that decisions regarding amenities, location, and floor plans are all made to reach a target price point. The cost of construction will have a big influence on how much the property owner can charge for a unit. Having the desired unit price range in mind during construction will help the commercial contractor keep the project on budget, which will allow the property owner to cater to the ideal price point. 

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