Keeping everyone safe is the top priority on any Cowen Construction jobsite. We know safe jobsites are in everyone’s best interest, which is why we do whatever we can to make our sites safe. Here are three steps anyone can take to make construction jobsites safer. 


One of the best ways to avoid accidents is having a plan. Prior to breaking ground, the leadership team should start crafting a plan that lays out a rough schedule of activities so they can identify when and where the riskiest tasks will happen. Falls and transportation account for the first and second most construction fatalities respectively. Knowing this, safety plans need to pay extra attention to these two areas. 

Shift Rotations   

The skills gap in the construction industry is nothing new, but we’re starting to see some safety-related consequences from it. As jobsites are pressed for warm bodies, the existing crews are sometimes forced to work long hours to fill the gap of open jobs. These long hours can lead to fatigue and careless mistakes. It’s important that crews have adequate time to rest so they can remain focused and safe. 


Possibly the most important step to take is making safety a cultural mandate. This means everyone is constantly talking about safety and looking for ways to improve it. Holding regular safety meetings is a great way to keep this topic at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Going through the different OSHA safety training courses that are available is another great way to promote a safety sensitive culture.