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If you’re looking for an exciting new career, the demand for rewarding careers in the construction industry is high and has few signs of slowing. As you may have already guessed, though, construction work is no cakewalk. It isn’t, however, purely about brute strength and endurance. No, construction work also requires immense focus, problem-solving skills, and organization. Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics that make a well-rounded construction professional.

A Team Player

Try as hard as you like; you will probably never see a one-person construction site. Whether someone in charge of directing traffic, operating heavy equipment, or coordinating the work that needs to be done, construction work requires team players. To maintain a fruitful career as a construction worker, you need to be able to work well in groups with various personalities. A professional construction worker has worked alongside people from all walks of life and knows how to keep jobs smoothly rolling.

Physically Fit and Coordinated

If you’re all thumbs or not interested in physically demanding work, construction work may not be for you. From site manager down to an entirely new hire, construction workers need to be ready to perform a full day of physically demanding work. By the same token, experienced construction workers cannot let the quality of their work suffer due to fatigue. Consistent quality on a construction site is required from start to finish.

Able to Solve Problems on the Fly

Seasoned construction workers have experienced most types of setbacks on a job site. Inclimate weather, equipment failures, improper materials, challenges presented by the nature of the job — these are all instances that require a construction worker to be able to solve problems quickly and effectively. A construction worker who can’t roll with the punches is in for frustration and disappointment.

Able to Listen to Details and Execute Instructions

No two construction sites are identical, making ear for and memory of instructions crucial. An experienced construction worker must have a mind like a steel trap — ready to listen to any specific instructions and execute them correctly on the site. If details are missed, it can result in delayed build times, incorrect construction, or may even pose a threat to the safety of the crew.

Organization is Key

A disorganized construction is not only a costly waste of time but can be immensely dangerous. For this reason, construction workers professionals must conduct themselves in an organized fashion on job sites. Whether managing equipment, materials, instructions, or personnel, every construction professional needs to strive to maintain order and an eye for detail to ensure the efficiency and safety of a job site.

Cowen uses these metrics…and more.

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