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The idea of preconstruction services may be slightly confusing for those seeking commercial construction services. After all, you don’t usually ask for pre-catering before a company caters a party or pre-automative repair before you get your car fixed, right? In this piece, we’re going to cover just a few examples of what goes into preconstruction services and why obtaining these services is a good idea. 

Construction Crews Working Alongside Engineers

Though we offer design-build services that encompass the planning as well as the build of a commercial construction project, we understand that some clients have engineers and designers in mind outside of our ranks. If this is the case, construction professionals from Cowen can work with engineers to determine which construction plans and materials are best for a chosen project. Working with architects, designers, and engineers in the planning process in the form of preconstruction service appointments can help the construction progress proceed with little to no hiccups. 

Construction Budget Building

When our commercial construction experts work with architects, designers, and engineers before construction is to begin, we can give clients a more accurate idea of what to expect in terms of cost. Construction professionals know how many workers and how much time to attribute to bringing a specific design from planning to completion. This foresight means no price surprises for those managing specialists for this commercial construction project. 

Building Out a Schedule 

Getting a commercial construction firm involved in the planning stages of a build is the most accurate means of determining the timeline of a commercial build. Assessing how many workers are necessary, how difficult certain tasks are to complete, necessary equipment, and the availability of certain materials can give project managers and designers a clear idea of when they can expect the completion of certain phases of a commercial construction project. 

 If you’re looking for reliable commercial construction services for your next build, look no further than the proven professionals of Cowen Construction. 

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