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“Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it?” – Luke 14:28

Yes, it seems like the role of Cost Estimator in commercial construction has been a role in existence since before the days of the New Testament. While this is one aspect of a Cost Estimator’s job, there are several facets of this position with a commercial construction company. Let’s take a look at them.

The Importance of Accurate Cost Estimations

Bringing a correct prediction of the cost for a future building project is critical to the continued sustainability of any company. Whether a client wants a good idea of how much building they can afford or a construction company wants to know how much to bid a job, professional cost estimation services are a must. To give an accurate idea of building costs for client and construction companies alike, construction companies and clients employ what is known as a Cost Estimator.

The Role of a Construction Company Cost Estimator

The role of Cost Estimator is a pivot one. Cost Estimators are professionals employed or contracted by commercial construction companies to determine the full cost of a construction project for client companies and construction companies alike. In some scenarios, an independent Cost Estimator is employed to avoid manipulated building cost estimates that favor one party over another. Regardless of their employer, Cost Estimators’ assessments require immense attention to detail to allow for the most accurate estimates. To do this, they are specially trained and experienced in how to determine not only the costs of projects but the estimated timeframe of a projected construction initiative.

The Background of a Construction Cost Estimator

An accomplished construction Cost Estimator is someone with one foot in the world of data analysis and another in the workboot of experienced construction professionals. While Cost Estimators exist who work on a variety of projects, many are specialized to work with a particular industry, building style, or material type. This specialization allows a Cost Estimator to carefully study the cost variables and determine the most accurate cost estimate possible.

Due to the complexity of the data analysis necessary to be a Cost Estimator, many construction companies will require a Bachelor’s degree for applicants for the positions. Other Cost Estimators without degrees are qualified to handle such an exhaustive role due to experience in the construction industry. The standards for Cost Estimator hiring depend on the company or client in question.

For more complex construction initiatives, there may be a variety of Cost Estimators working in tandem with one another. Instances of multiple Cost Estimators may be necessary when a project requires estimations for commercial construction needs of varying scope. A diverse specialization of estimation professionals can help ensure the client and/or construction company receive the most accurate building estimation data.

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