Within the offices of a construction company as well as on the job site, there are many people managing different aspects of planning, building, and completion. One of those is the Construction Superintendent. 

The Day-to-Day of a Superintendent

Most superintendents within the construction industry spend their days on their designated construction site. Their responsibilities include managing the scope of the day’s tasks, logistics among the workers, and the needs of personnel.

Project Managers vs. Construction Superintendents

Construction project managers and superintendents work hand-in-hand to ensure the smooth progression of a construction build. While a project manager is more likely to be managing what work needs to be completed according to which timetable in more of an office setting, a superintendent is usually managing efforts on a job site to ensure the necessary work is taking place according to schedule. 

What is the difference between a superintendent and a site foreman? 

While the duties are very similar, a site superintendent’s responsibilities may differ slightly from that of a site foreman. Where a superintendent is more involved in the management of the day-to-day operations of the project, a foreman is more responsible for managing the actions and efforts of workers. Workers will often report a foreman, who reports to a superintendent, who keeps project managers updated on the site’s progress. While this is traditionally the case, many superintendents also take on the role of foremen for the job sites in which they are assigned. 

Specialized Superintendents

On much larger construction projects, a variety of superintendents may be present. These various superintendents typically specialize in the type of work they oversee—including pre-construction, foundation work, steel, plumbing, roofing, electrical, or other specialized areas. 

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