The straightforward definition: 

A Construction Warranty Manager ensures that all claims made by clients under warranty are thoroughly processed and warranty work fulfilled. 

When would I need to speak with a Construction Warranty Manager? 

Let’s say that the construction of your company’s new building has just been completed. Congrats! How exciting! However, after a while, your staff begins experiencing some building issues—maybe electrical, plumbing, or structural. Lucky for you, you remembered that your new commercial construction project has a warranty with the construction company. The person responsible for processing your warranty claim is the Construction Warranty Manager.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Warranties are a standard part of residential as well as commercial construction. After all—you probably wouldn’t be immensely eager moving into a new structure without the construction company’s assurance, right? To help you with all of your warranty-related questions and claims, this is the job of the Warranty Manager. Essentially, they’re responsible for making sure your warranty claims are processed promptly. 

Backend Warranty Maintenance

While it may just seem like getting warranty work done is as simple as sending out maintenance professionals, there is quite a bit of careful logistics happening behind the scenes. Warranty managers are responsible for assessing warranty claims, ensuring they’re in line with the details of warranty coverage, determining how the necessary work will be executed, and much more. 

What are the necessary skills to be a Construction Warranty Manager? 

Customer Service Professionalism & Communication

Unlike many construction professionals, Construction Warranty Managers regularly speak with clients regarding their warranty claims. Because of this, they need to convey details of their warranty in ways that are patient and easy to understand. They must also be able to break both good and bad news to people warmly and professionally. 

Attention to Detail

Like many roles in the construction industry, a Warranty Manager must have an eye for detail. Warranties can have precise stipulations designed to assure client satisfaction and to keep construction companies from performing work outside of the scope of their responsibility—ensuring that everyone is happy. Warranty Managers are frequently the translators between these two worlds, making the observance of details crucial.  

How does one become a Construction Warranty Manager? 

Not always, but frequently, Warranty Managers will have a Bachelor’s degree in fields related to Business Management or Construction. They may begin their careers working for a company’s warranty department and be promoted to the role of Warranty Manager. 

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